Prime 112 : Best Desserts {Miami Beach, FL}

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If you love food and live in Miami, then you have most likely been to Prime 112 or Prime Italian before.

prime112 prime 112

You already know the place is fabulous. It’s no surprise to see Lebron James or Dwayne Wade there, as well as the other beautiful people in this town. Maybe you already know about the little old lady who sells roses along the sidewalk (she’s been there forever! and you know she must make a killing $$). Maybe you already know about their truffle lobster mac & cheese.


    You already know about their yummy steaks. steak

 And I bet you are already assuming that this post is about their fried oreos….it’s not.

This weekend I visited their establishment and was quickly reminded of my favorite dessert that I order there. I was surprised that the other people in our party had never ordered it before. I was even more surprised when the server had difficulty really pin-pointing what it was that I was trying to order. This made me realize that maybe most people aren’t aware of it?… could this be? If that’s the case then I HAVE  to feature it here… I feel it is my responsibility to you which love food.

In addition to the fried oreos, my ultimate FAVORITE dessert to order there is:


You heard right… and they are amazing, mouth-watering, and terribly fattening. This night, we not only ordered the oreos, not only did we order the cupcakes, but the couple we were with also added chocolate chip cookies and milk!!!

[ok, your brain can explode now] photo 1 (1)

They should call them “Chocolate BAR Cookies” instead. When you get into one, an entire chocolate lava flow takes over the plate.   Ok so next time you go, you have to try one of these. Go to the gym the next day, whatever you have to do, but I think you will agree that it was well worth it.


If you end up trying this… please let me know :) I would love to hear your feedback!

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